Timeless Dance

Raquelle and Heather Sheen, of Timeless Dance, are two sisters who love vintage dance and have a mission to bring old-fashioned dancing back into style! They enjoy teaching the old-time dances to others.

Dancing in olden times was considered a social event. Many of the dances of yesteryear involved groups of people. Though you might keep the same partner for an entire dance (or maybe not!) you would often move in a line or circle to dance with other couples. The dances were generally called by a dance master so that everyone could keep in step. These are the types of dances that Timeless Dance brings to the public.

Timeless Dance provides full-service dance calling for your historical event. They have their own sound system and music. They also work with live bands.

Timeless Dance can provide both Civil War- and Jane Austen-themed dances. Or they can simply provide an evening of fun, learning social dances together. Heather and Raquelle tailor their calling for beginning groups or more advanced dancers.

The Southern Victorian Society is pleased to announce that they will once again be our callers for the 2018 Summer Soiree!

Raquelle Sheen